Plepic Games is a small shop producing board games. So far we have produced one. Go ahead, buy it, so we know you want more 😉

Three years ago we gathered with seven friends to pitch ideas about new projects we could do together. Something that would be fun to work on during the gloomy winter nights of the North. Something to enhance our friendship and to create value for others. We all had a fair background in tabletop games. Playing, and creating. If not full games, then at least expansions, house mods, and so on. Therefore, a game was a logical choice.

Then there was Kickstarter. And now there is this nice little corner on the web where you can get hold of our creation, the Lunar Base game. Find more about the game here:

During September, you can Late Pledge the game here, after which it goes to production. Fulfillment is planned in December, so you can get your hands on the shiny new game by Christmas 🙂